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Show and Tell dates 2019 – 2020

Show and Tell


The next Show and Tell days are as follows:


Monday 16th Sept

Tue 24th Sept

Wed 2nd October

Thur 10th Oct

Friday 18th Oct

                                TERM 2

Mon 11th Nov

Tue 19th Nov

Wed 27th Nov

Thur 5th Dec

Fri 13th Dec

                               TERM 3

Mon 13th Jan 2020

Tue 21st Jan

Wed 29th Jan

Thu 6th Feb

Fri 14th Feb

                                TERM 4

Mon 2nd March

Tue 10th Mar

Wed 18th Mar

Thur 26th Mar

Fri 3rd April

                               TERM 5

Mon 27th April

Tue 5th May

Wed 13th May

Thur 21st May

                               TERM 6

Mon 8th June

Tue 16th June

Wed 24th June

Thur 2nd July

Fri 10th July

Please only bring one items/toys to playgroup on show and tell days Thankyou